Cynthia Bah-Traore: Endangered Missing

In February of 2021, 39-year-old mother of two and Crowley, Texas resident Cynthia Bah-Traore disappeared. She was caught on surveillance cameras at a Shell gas station in Grandview, about 26 miles south of her home. Many days later, it was discovered that her vehicle had been abandoned off Interstate 35 in Waco, Texas, about 55 miles from where she was last seen. What happened to Cynthia, however, remains a mystery to friends and family.If you have any information about the disappearance of Cynthia Bah-Traore, please call the Crowley Police at 817-297-2276.You can help Cynthia’s family by donating at: your DNA data from a consumer testing company to Othram’s database, It’s only used for law enforcement investigations: You can support gone cold – texas true crime at us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using, CBS News,,, and Cynthia’s Go Fund Me page were used as additional sources for this episode.#WhereIsCynthiaBahTraore #CynthiaBah #CrowleyTX #GrandviewTX #WacoTX #FortWorthTX #Texas #TX #TrueCrime #TrueCrimePodcast #Podcast #ColdCase #Unsolved #Missing #MissingPerson #Disappeared #Disappearance #Vanished #UnsolvedMysteries #GoneCold #GoneColdPodcast #TexasTrueCrime

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