The Uncanny Disappearance of Michael Chambers Part 1

In March of 2017, 70-year-old retired Dallas Fire Fighter Michael Glen Chambers was added to a dark list in Hunt County, Texas: a list of unusual and mysterious disappearances. Michael was well-loved and highly respected in the community of Quinlan, not only for his past as a fireman and paramedic but also for his activity in the church and his talent for restoring classic muscle cars. The man had no enemies and the day he was last seen started out as a normal one. The way it ended, however, was anything but normal, and the blood found in Michael’s workshop alluded to possible foul play…or perhaps something else entirely. If you have any information about the disappearance of Michael Glen Chambers, please contact the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office at 903-453-6838.Submit your DNA data from a consumer testing company to Othram’s database, It’s only used for law enforcement investigations: You can support gone cold – texas true crime at us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using @gonecoldpodcastThe Hunt County Herald-Banner,,,, and the Dallas Morning News were used as sources for this episode.#WhereIsMikeChambers #Quinlan #QuinlanTX #HuntCountyTX #Texas #TX #TexasTrueCrime #TrueCrime #TrueCrimePodcast #Podcast #ColdCase #Unsolved #Missing #MissingPerson #Disappeared #Disappearance #Vanished #UnsolvedMysteries #GoneCold #GoneColdPodcast

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