Carmen Croan Part 1: Not Your Everyday Murder

Ector County Sheriff’s Office investigator David Saunders called the August 1981 slaying of Carmen Croan “not your everyday murder.” Though the quote hardly described the brutality and sheer evil of the crime, the case sent chills to the hardened investigator’s core. He’d never seen anything like it, and it was hardly the first savage and explicitly violent death Odessa and Ector County had dealt with in the years leading up to it. The mutilation murder of Carmen was gruesome and macabre. The emotional and psychological ramifications investigators faced was immense. The twists and turns, too, were frustrating.For more information and updates on Carmen’s case, visit can support gone cold – texas true crime at us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using @gonecoldpodcast#JusticeForCarmenCroan #Odessa #OdessaTX #EctorCountyTX #Texas #TX #TrueCrime #TexasTrueCrime #TrueCrimePodcast #Unsolved #UnsolvedMurder #ColdCase

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