The Baffling Disappearance of a Coed: Virginia Carpenter

On June 1st, 1948, Mary Virginia Carpenter stepped off Texas-Pacific train 31 in Denton and stepped into oblivion. “The world swallowed her up,” Texas Ranger Lewis Rigler later said of the 21-year-old’s disappearance. There was little to no trace of Virginia, that much is true, and the likely suspect’s involvement couldn’t be proven or even clearly ascertained. As the years went on, however, that suspect, the person who is thought to have seen her last, became an even more likely one. Still, nothing solid against him could ever be found. Rigler, quoted above, never shook the feeling that Virginia’s disappearance was somehow connected to the Texarkana Phantom Killings.You can support gone cold – texas true crime at us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using @gonecoldpodcast #WhereIsVirginiaCarpenter #PhantomKiller #TexarkanaMoonlightMurders #Denton #DentonTX #Texarkana #TexarkanaTX #Texas #TX #TrueCrime #TexasTrueCrime #Unsolved #UnsolvedMurder #ColdCase

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