The Savage Slaying of Brittany McGlone

In Wood County, Texas in May of 2007, Brittany McGlone was murdered, seemingly as she slept, in her boyfriend’s home while everyone who live in the house was away. Nothing else in the home was disturbed or stolen and there were no signs of forced entry. Alibis for everyone who lived in the house were checked out and verified, apparently, but whoever violently bludgeoned Brittany to death most likely had knowledge of the home and the habits of the folks therein. A potentially strong suspect was identified, one with a connection to Brittany’s boyfriend’s family, but police were ultimately unable to make an arrest. Is he responsible for Brittany’s slaying or was it someone not even on law enforcement’s radar? Nineteen-year-old Brittany’s killing has devastated her family who struggle to pick up the pieces and who view law enforcement working Brittany’s case as combative to their efforts…and for good reason.You can support gone cold – texas true crime at us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using @gonecoldpodcast #JusticeForBrittanyMcGlone #WoodCountyTX #WinnsboroTX #TX #Texas #TrueCrime #TexasTrueCrime #Unsolved #ColdCase #UnsolvedMurder

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