Suzie Mages, Episode 3: The Investigation Part 2

Two individuals particularly stuck out to police and Del and Mary in Suzie’s disappearance and murder. One became a person of interest early on and the other, much to Mary and Del’s dismay, seemed to have not been taken incredibly seriously by law enforcement. A well-known drifter also enters the case several years after. This episode we enlisted the help of Shea from All Crime No Cattle and Erica from Southern Fried True crime. You can find those amazing podcasts at: We also spoke with retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Detective, and now writer of Detective Novels, Danny Smith for an outside, professional opinion of the case and persons of interest.Check out or Facebook and Twitter pages for instructions on how to be entered to win a signed personalized copy of Danny’s first novel, A Good Bunch Of Men:Dead sex workers can seem like part of the landscape in South Los Angeles. What, then, could render two veteran homicide detectives speechless as they stand over their latest victim? Tightly-wound Dickie Jones and his smart and cocky partner, Matt “Pretty Boy Floyd” Tyler, find themselves entangled with gang members and a sexy drug dealer as they uncover a nefarious plot rife with greed, sex, and betrayal. Can law enforcement’s “odd couple” survive fights, shootouts, and a sniper who wants them dead? What about their wives, and their captain, all of whom have had it with them both? A Good Bunch of Men will have you laughing, gasping, and craving the next in the Dickie Floyd Detective series. Danny R. Smith spent 21 years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the last seven as a homicide detective. He now lives in Idaho where he works as a private investigator and consultant. He is blessed with a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters. He is passionate about his dogs and horses whom he counts among his friends. He is the author of the Dickie Floyd Detective Novel series, and he has written articles for trade publications. He publishes a weekly blog called The Murder Memo, which can be found at He is a member of the Idaho Writers Guild and the Public Safety Writers Association.
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