Suzie Mages, Episode 1: Denton’s Lost Innocence

In 1977, a crime took place in Denton, Texas that shook the community to its core; though you’d hardly call Denton “uneventful,” it was a place where residents and college students felt safe and free. Suzanne Marie Mages was a twelve-year-old girl who was adored by all who met her and due to the proximity of her mother’s restaurant to lively Fry Street, many were touched by the continuously happy and smiling early adolescent. In September of that year, however, Suzie vanished, leaving little clues to her whereabouts or the identity of the man she was last seen talking to. Suzie wouldn’t be seen alive again. This is the story of who Suzie was, what happened the day she disappeared, and how it affected Denton. You can support gone cold podcast – texas true crime by visiting https// There you’ll also find an exclusive series available only to donors. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter by using @gonecoldpodcast  

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