Orange Socks, Sandra Mae Dubbs, & The Bloody Route

“It was just a convenient place to dump the bodies. There is just a hell of a lot of sin that goes up and down that highway” – Williamson County Sheriff Jim Boutwell, referring to Interstate 35 in 1981.

From Oklahoma City to San Marcos, Texas, there is a 400 mile stretch of I-35 where multiple homicides occurred, or bodies were discarded, from the years 1976 to 1981. Twenty-one homicide victims. Few arrests. And several victims remain unidentified to this day. It’s unlikely to law enforcement that all these depraved acts were committed by a single individual, especially considering the distance involved; that makes it likely, then, that there were several individuals taking advantage of opportunity and who left an unbelievable count of slain victims in such a short period.

To some law enforcements officials, the route became referred to as “the Bloody Route.”

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