Gary & Stephanie Gillette, Episode 4: Fallout

For family members of the victims of unsolved homicide cases, day to day reality is different. They spend considerable amount of time trying to make sense of exactly what happened and why. It sometimes consumes them, continually lurking in the mind of these victims’ loved ones.

The lack of justice is nagging; pondering whether the perpetrator is alive or dead and the possibly free life they lived after taking a life, or lives, as they struggle their entire lives to pick up the pieces and move on is a trying existence. 

For those of us who haven’t experienced this, there is no way to fathom the emotional repercussions that these individuals struggle with as a result of their loved ones’ unresolved deaths…
We can empathize, sure, but the only way we can attempt to understand what these family members face, usually daily, is to hear their stories…

…to listen to their voices.

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