Alexandria “Ali” Joy Lowitzer, Episode 1

No matter how watchful an eye we keep on our children, it is difficult to completely shield them from the bad in the world; this is especially true when a malevolent individual, or individuals, target them for harm. Even in quiet, seemingly safe suburban areas, we take this for granted. Everyone does because we feel like these things don’t happen to us…but they can. Ali Lowitzer stepped off her school bus yards from her home in 2010 and has never been reported to be seen again. This is Ali’s story and family’s story. Please visit to learn more about Ali and donate to the efforts to find her, and head over to Facebook and look for the page “Hope For Ali; Alexandria Joy Lowitzer” to keep up to date on events and explore Ali’s life through photos and memories from Jo Ann. Please help Jo Ann get the word out by sharing Ali’s fliers on the FB page. You can support gone cold podcast – texas true crime by visiting https// There you’ll also find an exclusive series available only to donors. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter by using @gonecoldpodcast

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